Freeway Transactive Xtra Ceiling Track Hoist

£920.00 Ex. VAT, £1,104.00 Inc. Vat

The Freeway TransactiveXtra Ceiling Track Hoist, exclusively manufactured by Prism Medical UK, is the safest, easiest and most practical way to safely transfer clients from one surface to another.

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Product Description

Installed at ceiling level, complete with innovative tracking solutions, the Freeway TransactiveXtra Ceiling Track Hoist provides the caregiver with increased access to the client – making their job safer, and making the transfer more comfortable for the client.

The TransactiveXtra benefits from a low profile design, which is unobtrusive – yet provides a much greater lifting height than any other hoist option.

With a range of track layouts available, advanced safety features and useful diagnostic tools, the TransactiveXtra can greatly improve quality of life for its users.

Features & Benefits

Ergonomically designed handset

  • Simple 2/4 button operation
  • Pneumatically controlled requiring minimum pressure to operate
  • Safe to use in wet conditions
  • Quiet operation with soft start/stop For client comfort

State of the art display & diagnostics

  • Operation display
  • Battery level indicator
  • Visual & audio low battery warning
  • Number of lifts
  • Number of lifts since last service
  • Number of hours used
  • Number of hours since last service

Freeway Spreader Bar as standard

  • Unique contoured 3 hook spreader bar creates optimum space for the client and caregiver
  • It accommodates most designs of slings and lifting requirements

Safety features include

  • Emergency stop
  • Powered emergency lowering
  • Manual lowering & raising facility


Lift Motor: 24 VDC
Traverse Motor: 24 VDC (optional at time of purchase)
H. Frame Traverse Motor: 24 VDC (optional at time of purchase)
Charger Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 0.9 Amps
Charger Output: 30 VDC, 1.3 Amps
Charger Rating: IP65
Batteries: 24 VDC (2×12 VDC) 5.0 AH, sealed lead acid
Hoist Case: Flame Retardant ABS
Hand Control: Pneumatic
Hoisting Range: Up to 2080 mm
Hoist Weight: Manual – 9.7 kg 

Driven – 10.4 kg

Maximum Load: 130 kg, 160 kg, 200 kg, 270 kg
Internal Fuses: 15 Amps
Performance: 30 – 40 lifts at 270 kg
Duty Cycle: 10% use, 90% rest

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