Freeway SA160C Mini Stand Aid

£1,779.00 Ex. VAT, £2,134.80 Inc. Vat

The all-new_Freeway SA160C mini_is a compact sit to stand aid, which is very easy to manoeuvre.


The SA160C mini sit to stand aid is designed to provide support and comfort, this compact stand aid assists the user to gently move from a sitting to standing position. When used with the Freeway Thoracic Sling it provides the ultimate sit to stand combination.

The SA160C mini stand aid and sling work in harmony to provide a very gentle and secure lift experience. As a result the user is moved in a more natural way – forwards and upwards. Providing support in the lower back, under the feet and lower legs throughout the lift.

The SA160C’s adjustable carry bar is positioned at an angle so as to reduce pressure and drag under the arms. This helps to provide a safe and comfortable sit to stand movement. The Freeway SA160C mini is manufactured using tubular steel for strength, stability and durability, whilst maintaining the highest build quality.

Features & Benefits

The Freeway SA160C mini compact sit to stand aid Features & Benefits

  • Lifting capacity of 160kgs
  • Gentle sit to stand action – safe and secure
  • Compact and easy to manoeuvre – under 980 mm overall height
  • Adjustable carry bar with 5 set positions
  • Linak control box and actuator for smooth motion
  • Soft, adjustable lower leg support with integral strap attachment points
  • Low foot plate with anti-slip surface
  • Electric leg opening
  • Lockable rear castors


Safe working load (SWL) 160 kg / 352.7 lbs
Height 976 mm / 38.4″
Length 881 mm / 34.7″
Width of legs, outer measurement 541-963 mm/21.3-37.9″
Width of legs, inner measurement 402-824 mm/15.8-32.4″
Chassis height 133 mm/5.2″
Lifting hooks height 864-1583 mm/34.0-62.3″
Four polyamide double safety castors with full brake 75mm/3″ castors
Weight assembled 45 kg / 99.2 lbs

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